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Quotes I am a morning person. I wake up really early, but in the afternoon, especially in the last 4 or 5 years, I have really been getting kind of wiped out. Since I have taken ageLOC Vitality I just power through the afternoon. I don't feel like drinking coffee, which is amazing. I feel great and I just go all the way into the night, so it??s amazing. It has really changed my life and my daughter says I am a completely different person, which is exciting. Quotes
Eileen W. Carlsbad, Ca.
AgeLOC Vitality

Quotes "I've tried many different products and I'd always have something with my skin that wasn't quite up to my expectation. I've never had skin this clear and consistent. I digitally retouch images as a part of my profession; the skin I have now--I don't have to Photoshop." I use the NuSkin Exfoliant Gentle Scrub followed by the Galvonic Spa and lastly the Clear Action Acne Medication Night Treatment. Quotes
Stef T. Pine Grove, Ca.�?�
Galvanic Spa

Quotes Within two months of being on Nutritional Supplements I noticed my blood pressure leveling off. I had been on blood pressure meds for eight years, and now I'm n? Quotes
David M.
LikePak Nano

Quotes Galvanic Spa, I used it consistently one month for 10 minute intervals each night. I only used the Galvanic Spa on the right side of my face. I started to notice results within a few days. My laugh lines looked less defined and appeared to have smoothed out. After using this for close to a month, I began asking co-workers and friends if they could notice a difference on one side of my face. Every person that I asked could tell a noticeable difference in the appearance of the right side of my face. My boss even went and picked up a Galvanic Spa after talking to me and seeing my results after one month. I felt the additional month of usage just continued to smooth the appearance of my laugh lines. I also felt like my face had more of a healthy look to the one side. I began to want the study to be over, so I could use the Galvanic Spa on the other side of my face and "even out" my results. Thanks to Nu Skin. I can still laugh and have younger looking skin!" Quotes
Denice Jones

Quotes AgeLoc Vitality... I have noticed a definite difference with my sleep. I get a better night's sleep, a full night's sleep, and I even wake up before my alarm clock in the morning. It's great to feel that good about starting the day fresh, with a youthful energy. Quotes
Gary D.

Quotes AgeLoc Vitality...I am a 61-year-young woman who is a very active morning person, but has had to use mind over mattress by the end of the day. At the end of my day on Vitality, I am still mentally alert with an early morning energy that I haven't experienced in years! Quotes
Peggy K.

Quotes AgeLoc Vitality... All of us are experiencing the benefits of Vitality. It has become the largest product launch in our history and because of the results, response, and price point - one of the easiest products to share with others. Vitality is a made up of three main ingredients: Cordyceps Cs-4 Mushroom Mycelia Pomegranate Fruit Extract Pharmanex Asian Ginseng Rb1 I had a chance to sit down with Joe Chang this week and learn more about Cordyceps Cs-4 Mushroom. This is what he shared. Cordyceps Mushroom is a fungus that appeared in the high mountains of Tibet - thousands of years ago. Every spring this fungus would emerge and the people found that the Yaks who ate the Cordyceps were more active and friskier than those who didn't. The story of Cordyceps made it's way to China where for hundreds of years it became a product that was exclusive to royalty - primarily the emperor's family. (You could only get it in the high mountains of Tibet ) Quotes
Ty Bennett

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