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Did you know there are very basic problems with the foods you're eating? In fact, foods found today on the grocery store shelves- and our own kitchen tables -often look vastly different from the foods we were eating just a few decades back. It turns out that the food has been a largely corporatized industry that is driven by politics and money while ignoring a Growing number of health risk. With todays foods, which lack vitamins, minerals and nutrients, supplementation is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself.

Where have all the nutrients gone

Because of the soil stripping, monocropping, the use of harsh pesticides and fertilizers, and other modern farming practices, the nutrient levels in our soils- and consequently our products- have declined dramatically. Four instance you would have to eat 10 servings of spinach to get the same level of minerals from just one serving about 50 years ago. And some reports indicate that average potato lost 57% of its vitamin C and iron and 28% of its calcium. There's also the GMO foods, Genetically Modified foods, which actually change genetic structures of plants. They are now linked to a vatiety of health problems.



Within two months of being on Nutritional Supplements I noticed my blood pressure leveling off. I had been on blood pressure meds for eight years, and now I'm  no longer taking them. My blood pressure is back to what it was when I was in my 20’s

Energy Supplement

I have noticed a definite difference with my sleep. I get a better night's sleep, a full night's sleep, and I even wake up before my alarm clock in the morning. It's great to feel that good about starting the day fresh, with a youthful energy.

“I am a 61-year-young woman who is a very active morning person, but has had to use mind over mattress by the end of the day. At the end of my day, I am still mentally alert with an early morning energy that I haven’t experienced in years!”

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